Having been established in 2001, we have worked since then to develop ourselves into a respectable company that offers first class services to its customers. Specialising in temporary works, we make it our mission to grant you a solution that meets all of your specifications. Very experienced with structural alterations in city centres, we are the people to depend on if you require assistance with a project of this nature.

Not so long ago, it was common to see a local pub standing proudly at the corner of countless streets. It was something of a goldmine for the proprietor, who governed the steady flow of cash that came in. Things have changed drastically in recent times however.

Over the years, cultural shifts, in tandem with rising industry costs, which include business rate recalculations, and tightened purse strings, have resulted in an alarmingly hasty decline in the once familiar pub. During the past year alone, closures have stood at 21 per week nationally, and since 2015, off-trade beer sales have surpassed on-trade transactions.

In an effort to help, some of the more sizeable pub chains are investing surging levels of money into the issue. This is being done in an attempt to make Bristol’s local pubs the centre of each community yet again. El Publican Partnerships for instance has invested over £1.3 million throughout the past six months into pubs all over the South West.

This investment forms part of a more expansive disbursement into hundreds of establishments across the country. One example of the backing was the £230,000 injection into Downend’s The Duck and Willow, which underwent a complete refurbishment and several structural alterations. An additional £200,000 went into Hambrook’s The White Horse, which itself received a substantial refurbishment.

At Denon Construction, the products that we supply have the potential to cater for all heavy and light industrial requirements. Clients who are working the regeneration of pubs can call on us for temporary works to retain them. In addition to providing customer satisfaction, we also make it a point to conform to all the relevant health & safety rules and guidelines.

Therefore, if you need help with structural alterations in city centres, you should get in touch with us.