Facade retention

With over 20 years of experience in facade retention, our fully qualified engineers have the megashore and slimshore temporary works solutions to help you. Whether you need assistance with original building conservation or refurbishment, we have the resources to design and erect temporary work support. 

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What is facade retention?

The temporary work solution, facade retention works to maintain a building’s facade whilst remodeling and improving the internal structure. Usually used to restore listed buildings, facade retention help to preserve the overall look of a building and reduce cracks and instability, while internal modern layouts and structures are constructed to meet the latest safety standards. 

Facade Retention with Denon Construction

We know every project comes with its own obstacles to overcome, which is why our experienced design and erection teams can provide a combination of mega-shore and slim-shore temporary work solutions. 

Our Mabey propping systems are the ideal solution to facade retention work. Designed especially for facade retention and alterations in buildings, our Mass 50 props have a working load of 500kN. It can be braced using modular or angled braces for the building of stiff, efficient towers and trusses from standard components. It can also be used as a 500kN capacity prop or used with hydraulic jacks for preloading or lifting operations. 

For a more compact high load propping system, we have the System 160 to assist you. It is able to offer a capacity of up to 200kN per prop. The system has a range of accessories that work to create a flexible and versatile shoring system. Components of System 160 are sized to allow the system to be built by hand within existing structures if necessary. 

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