Propping and Needling

At Denon Construction we have years of experience in offering propping and needling solutions.

Our specialist design engineers can support an existing structure whilst creating a new opening and installing new structural members. Our team will survey your project to ensure all equipment is correct and work can get started immediately for a smooth turnaround.

Why choose Denon Construction?

We strive to ensure that we exceed your expectations, delivering  services with real attention to detail, however simple or complex your requirement.


How Denon Construction Can Help With Propping and Needling

When renovating older properties you need to take extra care so having a supporting structure is vital. 

We use our mega-shore 1000kn props to prop major structural alterations and structure restraints. The mega-shore is usually assisted with our facade retentions to make major refurbishments and alterations easier. 

For propping and needling, we also have the super-slim. It is versatile and strong making it ideal for any type of refurbishment. Especially for lateral restraining to unstable buildings, the formation of structural openings, or back propping and transfer of load during column removal. With a high leg load to weight ratio, it can prop loads up to 120kn and 3mtrs. 

We have a range of both Slim-shore and Alshore Plus back propping systems which are perfect for large axial loads that can securely support slabs, machinery, scaffolding, and live loads during construction. 

A leading UK temporary works company

Performing to the highest standards of both Health & Safety and Quality, Denon offer bespoke, innovative, cost effective temporary work solutions.

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