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As experienced Bridge Repair Contractors we understand that bridge support and jacking are essential in ensuring public safety. The repair or replacement of a bridge and its components can be extremely difficult and only the expertise of a specialist bridge engineer can assist with it.

We are proud to have a range of specialist hydraulic jacking products and associated temporary works equipment to assist with your project. Our in-house experts can provide you with a quick and effective solution. Our team has worked on a number of repairs and maintenance projects including the London Bridge and the Croft Bridge in Darlington.

Why choose Denon Construction as your go to Bridge Repair Contractors?

We strive to ensure that we exceed your expectations, delivering  services with real attention to detail, however simple or complex your requirement.


What is bridge support and jacking?

Also known as structural lifting operations, bridge support and jacking works to lift and support the structural components of a bridge while replacement and repairs are taking place. 

Bridge support is essential to ensure the longevity of a bridge’s structure and improve public safety. 

Our team is here to design schemes that lift the bridge, raise the bridge of their bearings, and support the structure to get jobs done seamlessly. 

As Bridge Repair Contractors, How Can Denon Construction Help With Bridge Support And Jacking

Bridge support and jacking guarantee public safety when crossing bridges. Our fully qualified engineers can provide you with an effective and speedy solution to complete infrastructure repairs. 

At Denon Construction we have lateral support systems available that have many applications. They can be designed to meet your requirements such as removal of floors, fire damaged structures, and general structural alterations.

Are you looking for reliable bridge support and jacking? At Denon Construction we have the specialist hydraulic jacking tools and temporary works equipment required for your project.

With experience working on a range of repairs and maintenance projects throughout the UK including the London Bridge and the Croft Bridge in Darlington, our experienced contractors work under the guidance of a dedicated project manager so that the project runs smoothly.

Everything we do at Denon Construction is in line with all of the relevant health and safety regulations whilst striving to deliver a bridge support and jacking service that meets every one of your requirements. All of the equipment we use is fully tested to ensure that they are working to the highest standard and are operated by trained professionals.

Our bridge support and jacking keeps the public safe when crossing bridges during the time when infrastructure repairs are taking place. This is done by our experts designing schemes that effectively lift the bridge, raise the bridge of their bearings before supporting the structure. They will also tailor the layout, hydraulic pressing and control systems so that they work for your project.

At Denon Construction we have lateral support systems available for use with many applications. Whether you are needing them to be designed for removal of floors, fire damaged structures or just general structural alterations, we’ve got the solution. Our team aims to deliver the bridge jacking support with minimal disruption to your site and overall costs.

From planned maintenance to deck support lifts when applying concrete casting for a new bridge, our team is here to help with cost effective temporary work solutions. We have the equipment ready for lifting, supporting, repairs and maintenance of structures.

For more information on the bridge support and jacking we provide, contact us today on 0800 0096341.

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