Demolition and structural alterations

At Denon Construction we know how important it is for the removal of existing buildings during redevelopment projects. Ensuring the safety of people on-site and the surrounding areas is key to any demolition work. We will liaise with the correct health and safety executive, local authorities, and utility companies so work can get started efficiently.

Our demolition specialists work on a range of buildings. From small scale residential demolition, to the demolition of large commercial buildings.

Why choose Denon Construction?

We strive to ensure that we exceed your expectations, delivering  services with real attention to detail, however simple or complex your requirement.


How Denon Construction Can Help With Demolition

Demolition involves demolishing a site that results in the materials and structure being disposed of or recycled as they’re not of use anymore. Our experienced team will survey the structures beforehand and plan the demolition operation in full to get the job done safely and efficiently. 

We are proud to have launched Brokk robotic demolition services into the marketplace to complement our current core business activities. This allows us to offer the latest controlled demolition services with the highest safety standards for our clients.

We pride ourselves in providing outstanding customer service so following the competition of the demolition, we will clear all materials so new work can begin smoothly. 

All of our work is in accordance with BS5975. 

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Performing to the highest standards of both Health & Safety and Quality, Denon offer bespoke, innovative, cost effective temporary work solutions.

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