Structural Alterations

Structural alterations involve work that alters any part of the supporting structure of a building such as change to external walls, bearing walls and the foundations or the roof. It includes creating structural openings in the existing buildings in order to carry out further work.

Denon Construction are experienced in undertaking structural alterations to properties. From altering the main structure of a building to stabilisation of damaged buildings, our experts have the knowledge to meet the demands of a range of projects in the demolition, building and civil engineering industries.

At Denon Construction we are experienced Structural Alterations Contractors and provide temporary work solutions for all structural alterations. This means we can help with the supporting structure of a building whilst there is a change to external walls, foundations, roof or bearing walls.

Sometimes structural alterations are needed to remodel the existing structure of buildings rather than to completely demolish them. They can even add extra value to your property. We can give clients the final structure of their premise before they move onto the next stage in their project.

Creating structural openings allows further work to be carried out and with structural alterations we need to look at managing the structure correctly without any damage in order to remove or transition the load. At Denon Construction our expert design team can come up with plans before work commences that incorporate all the strength you need for alterations and the materials that are needed. We cover everything from structural design all the way through to the completion of the permanent structure.

Thanks to having over 20 years of experience offering temporary work solutions, we have the knowledge and equipment ready to meet the needs of projects of all sizes. We always work inline with the correct health and safety regulations and we will contact the relevant local authorities and utility companies to guarantee a smooth process from start to finish.

When it comes to project management, our trained contractors will work under the guidance of a dedicated and experienced project manager. This allows us to provide clients with reliable, consistent service. Our structural alterations solutions are bespoke to you, whether you are altering or partially removing structures we meet the needs of every client.

For more information about how Denon Construction can help with your Structural Alterations Contractors as part of your refurbishment project, contact us today on 0800 0096431.

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