As a leading temporary works company in the UK, we are quite knowledgeable on subjects that are related to construction. Structural support within regeneration is one such area and knowing all about it is crucial if you want your own projects to succeed. Always performing to the highest of standards and conforming to all the necessary health and safety rules, we are the ones to call whenever you find yourself in need of professional help and assurances.

Supports come in all shapes and sizes; it’s imperative that you know all about them so that the most appropriate ones can be chosen for your particular situation. Roller supports for example have the means to resist vertical forces, but not those of a horizontal nature. Since nothing constrains them, roller connections or supports are completely free to move horizontally.

One of the most typical uses of the roller variety of support is with a bridge. In civil engineering, bridge structures normally have one of these supports at one end in order to account for vertical displacement, not to mention expansion due to shifts in temperature. This is compulsory if one wishes to avert any damage the expansion causes to pinned supports. This kind of support is unable to resist horizontal force however, and because of this, the structure will need to introduce another system in order to counter it.

Simple supports are where members rest on an exterior structure. They bear some similarities to roller variants, as they too are able to resist vertical forces, but not horizontal ones. An example would be a wooden plank resting on two blocks of concrete. The plank shall be able to support vertical forces, but should horizontal ones be introduced, the plank will then slide off the blocks.

At Denon Construction, we are proud to offer our customers an impressive selection of services and products, which can cater for a myriad of heavy and light industrial specifications. Our merchandise and services include but aren’t limited to, temporary bridge construction, bridge support/jacking, and propping and needling. If you require assistance with structural support within regeneration, please let us know.