As one of the UK’s leading companies that specialises in temporary works, we always work towards meeting the high standards that are expected of us. Experienced in a number of different areas, including the likes of installing propping and support on unstable buildings, our skill set is rather versatile to say the least. Able to cater to heavy and light industrial requirements, we are the ones to call if there is ever any trouble.

Foundation failures are colossal, not to mention expensive, issues in their own right as well as a major contributor to unstable buildings. If left alone, minor faults can lead to much more substantial repairs further down the line. Therefore, in an effort to prevent as much hassle as possible, searches should be conducted in order to discover any potential indicators of foundation trouble. Afterwards, they can be addressed immediately.

As you are practicing routine property examinations begin with the foundation itself. Designed to last, these supports should not show signs of structural deterioration, including buckling, sloping and sagging of the walls or floors, gaps or ruptures, or concrete flaking and crumbling. Along with the foundation’s exterior surfaces, these inspections should be undertaken within the property.

Complications that arise from the foundations can show up in your property’s upper levels as well, typically in the shape of warped ceilings or sagging floors. Stay alert for exposed gaps where the inside walls are meant to meet with each ceiling and floor too. Using a level utensil, confirm whether the slope is steady on the ceilings and floors.

At Denon Construction, we provide clients with a comprehensive selection of temporary works services and products for unstable buildings. In addition to offering a supreme level of customer service, we also seek to adhere to health & safety regulations whenever we are working on a project. Should you require our assistance, you need only ask for it.