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The former Odeon Cinema in Newcastle, a building that had been undergoing demolition work, collapsed into the street in early April. Falling masonry and the scaffolding crushed one bus shelter, but thankfully nobody was hurt in the collapse.

At present, the root cause of the incident has yet to be identified. An eyewitness close to the scene however stated that they heard a low rumble mere moments before the collapse occurred. This could indicate failure of the supports.

The HSE (Health & Safety Executive) have been made aware of the premature collapse and inspectors were dispatched to the area. Right now, they are working alongside the Newcastle City Council to make certain that the site is as safe as it can be and are not in a position to make any further comments.

A representative from the Council said that the former cinema structure had been submitted to demolition since January as part of renovation efforts meant for the wider area. Currently, surveyors and engineers are collaborating with the appropriate bodies to offer support.

At Denon Construction, we work with clients to ensure they have the right structural propping in place when renovation work is taking place. These supports should also be used when demolition is taking place to prevent uncontrolled collapses like the one above.

If you find yourself in need of assistance with a renovation project and want assurances that the structure will remain stable, be sure to contact our team. We will work closely with you to plan what supports will be needed and handle the installation of them. That way you can be sure of the stability.