When unstable buildings come to public attention it’s normally in a quite dramatic way. Usually this comes about in news reports, and stems from the structural integrity of a building being damaged either via a natural disaster or what is called an “unexpected” event happening during construction or renovation work. If the former is an unfortunate and tragic consequence of the unpredictability of nature, then the latter is quite frequently down to predictable incidents not being properly considered.

To be blunt – all buildings under construction or having work carried out on them are, to some extent, unstable. If they are incomplete or being altered then the structural integrity of them simply cannot be at the required optimal level. The correct propping and support must be in place to prevent incidents of collapse.

We are one of the leading names for the structural support of unstable buildings in the UK. This is a distinguished status we have achieved through delivering a comprehensive and complete level of service. Our team provides a full risk contract package, carrying out a complete site assessment in order to understand the exact design requirements of the support system we need to put in place.

There are, we know, some who might consider it somewhat uncharitable to not accept the idea that “accidents happen”. In our experience, however, there have been very few cases of incidents with an unstable building which couldn’t have been avoided by the correct preparation and planning. Through gaining an understanding of the as-is site conditions and the nature of work to be carried out the correct measures to prop and protect unstable buildings can be implemented.

Implementing measures to prevent structural collapse is a legal requirement in terms of Health & Safety laws. This legal requirement is, as you would expect, rigorously governed and enforced. The wording of the relevant laws is quite clear – the expectation and requirement is to ensure collapse is prevented, and not to just do all possible to avoid “accidents”.

Our track record of success shows that we are the leading choice to help you achieve support for unstable buildings which goes above and beyond the legal requirements.