Whilst the regeneration of city centres is a nationwide concern it would be both fair and honest to say a great deal of the work is focused on the North East of England. Many of the industries which were associated with the towns and cities of the region have either been scaled back or gone entirely. The blunt consequence is that this part of the nation is in more urgent need of regeneration work than any other.

A key aspect of any regeneration work is carrying out structural alterations within city centres to accommodate new buildings. An illustration of this can be found in work underway in Sunderland, as well as in plans recently announced for Middlesbrough.

In Sunderland work is underway on a new bridge. The Wear Bridge is the first new one to be built in the city for close to half a century, with the intention being to ease traffic flows and enhance logistical flows.

Whilst work on the new bridge itself is expected to be completed by early 2018, a less obvious aspect of the project is the structural changes required around the bridge. A substantial number of alterations, in particular to the Sunderland Enterprise Park, are being made in support of the new bridge in order to ensure successful integration.

A similar situation is currently under proposal for Middlesbrough. With a similar focus on improving access to the business centre, plans are currently being considered to redevelop the area surrounding the train station. The intention is to make pedestrian movement to and from the train station far easier, with structural alterations being vital in making this possible.

Making structural alterations in city centres is usually, as highlighted here, crucial to regeneration work. As one of the most trusted and leading names for temporary work solutions in the United Kingdom we’re always delighted to back projects such as these, providing the expert services required for safety and success.