As a company that specialises in temporary works, it should only make sense that we are aware of the standards set out for such an area. By following said guidelines we can be sure that the work we conduct is legal, proper and safe. If you are looking for a company that always puts safety first, then you have come to the right place.

A myriad of advice relating to competencies of temporary works already exists in the world, but the focus tends to be on safe construction and contractors more often than not. There’s a lack of detail that specifically refers to the Permanent Works Designers (PWD), their role in temporary works and what sort of responsibilities that they possess.

The primary concern here is safety and it falls to the PWD to practice it. If this factor isn’t taken seriously early on in construction, the result could be an undesired or heightened risk of danger on site.

Talking in terms of extremes, the above could advance the project’s failure and impact on the well-being of other people involved. However, there are certain other practices, although they lack the same amount of concern to safety, which could prolong and add unneeded costs to a project if the PWD doesn’t think about them thoroughly.

On quite a number of projects, temporary works are something of a hidden aspect, even though they make up a crucial cost component. They may not be explicitly identified or billed, and they don’t feature as part of what the client receives on a final design. As such, it’s quite often that they aren’t given the same attention as that of permanent works in the design phase. On the other hand, paying attention to detail can eliminate pointless risks can bring proportionate project savings.

At Denon Construction part of our work always involves adhering to the standards set out by bodies such as HSE when it comes to the competencies of temporary works. Without following proper procedures, we would run the risk putting everybody on the site, ourselves, and the public in jeopardy.

If you are after a competent and professional temporary works company, then we are the ones to call.