Being a leading temporary works company, we make it a point to work towards achieving the high standards that are expected from us. Supplying an impressive range of products and services, we have the means to meet a host of light and heavy industrial requirements. Whatever your requests happen to be, we will do what we can to fulfil them. This is especially true with projects that consist of structural alterations in city centres.

Recently, an outline planning application which consists of residential units, shops and restaurants was submitted to the City and County of Swansea Council. The site, which is made up of both the LC car park and the former St David’s shopping centre, has been rebranded Swansea Central temporarily. Outline planning permission is being pursued for the demolition, alteration or refurbishment of current structures and buildings in the area, which lies north of Oystermouth Road.

Around 84,050 square metres of floor room is being proposed, which would be composed of commercial, leisure, retail, office and residential uses. A multi story car park is also planned to be included. The plans also state that nothing shall rise past seven storeys in height.

Additionally, the propositions are also suggesting that 40,700 square meters of floor room is proposed for the south side of Oystermouth Road. Included here would be a hotel or residential structure maxing out at 14 storeys, food and drink outlets, and a new digital indoor arena.

Something else that is being proposed is a brand new pedestrian bridge over the road, an enhanced public realm and new public open locales on each side of the site.

At Denon Construction, when working on any project, we do whatever we can to ensure that the entire process goes as smoothly as possible. To accomplish this goal, we continuously examine and expand our strategies so that they can be at their best. When it comes to working on projects that include structural alterations in city centres we can determine the safest, most effective solution.

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