Excavating a basement beneath an existing structure or extending the current space is a major project. The Denon Construction team can help, designing temporary works that will deliver the required level of stability for the property. We are accomplished at basement propping and will approach the project professionally and carefully.

There are several key points to consider with basement development. They are:

1) Ensure Health and Safety is always paramount
2) Temporary works, particularly props, are crucial to preventing structural collapse
3) Negative environmental consequences must be overcome
4) Proper management during design and implementation boosts efficiency
5) Designs are complex and competent professionals need to be involved
6) Physical and commercial risks should be considered early
7) All contractors should be competent, qualified, and experienced
8) Every party, including the owner, designer and each contractor, needs to understand their responsibilities

By understanding the above points you will stand the best chance of your project progressing smoothly and safely. Nothing should be overlooked or taken for granted; that will increase the potential of issues occurring.

Another important key point is to be clear on the type of basement that is being developed. This is particularly crucial for determining what temporary works will be needed. Basements can fall into one of three categories; cellar extension, single level, or multi-level.

Cellar extensions tend to be the easiest in terms of complexity. Retro-fitting an existing space can involve things like installing a new floor slab to provide stability and ensuring there is enough head height. A waterproofing system may be needed too.

Single level basement development involves careful excavation, installation of new slab flooring, and underpinning of existing walls. These projects will require more extensive temporary works.

Multi-level basements are by far the most complex. The fact they have multiple floors means there is even more excavation to do and risk of instability. As a result there are even more basement propping needs. The load will need to be effectively transferred from these props to permanent structural elements as the project progresses.

Denon Construction can help with various types of basement development, catering for numerous specific requirements. Our team are competent, qualified, and very highly experienced. Our focus from the outset of every project is to satisfy the key points and maximise safety, efficiency, and value.

If you would like to discuss anything with us in regards to basement propping please get in touch. We can offer a wealth of information and our full support for your project.