The wealth of experience we possess at Denon Construction makes us the perfect team to assist businesses throughout the construction and demolition sectors. We can offer a range of temporary works solutions, including propping, needling, and facade retention. On each project we take absolute care to achieve the highest standards.

Walter Thompson has built a very strong reputation as a leading construction specialist. In fact they are one of the largest privately owned companies in their field operating in the North East. They work in a variety of different sectors, including retail, education, and health care too.

The Walter Thompsons team have completed four different care homes for Darrington Health Care and will begin work shortly on a fifth. We were proud to be invited to participate in one of these projects, providing our expertise to ensure that the facade of a property being redeveloped was retained.

The project was a challenging one because extensive demolition work was taking place. This put the listed facade of the building at seriously risk of damage or even complete collapse. Fortunately we could provide a reliable solution to retain it.

In order to achieve the retention we used the Slimshor system. Our team designed and installed three levels of racking shores that could effectively support the facade throughout the whole project, particularly during disruptive demolition work.

Our service protected both the integrity of the structure and the wellbeing of people on the site. With demolition it is possible that one misstep could lead to an uncontrolled collapse that would put everybody in the vicinity at risk. With our temporary works the risk of instability decreases and the correct support is in place for the duration of the project.

When it comes to facade retention we always take the utmost care to design the right propping. We also handle the installation and will be on hand to provide additional assistance at any time.

If you would like to discuss a project that involves a listed property or a structure with a facade you want to retain, please get in touch with us.