Liverpool is one of the most popular cities for university students in the UK. It is home to a number of universities, including multi-discipline specialists that have been established since the 1800s. The city has some wonderful amenities for students too, including quality accommodation.

With such large student numbers looking to live in the city, it is no surprise that demand for homes is high and the options on offer are diverse. There are some really incredible apartments to choose from, including the brand new St Cyprian’s. The former chapel has been converted into incredible studios. Residents are based in close proximity to the universities and have comfortable social spaces and designated quiet study areas to enjoy.

The Denon Construction team, one of the most experienced temporary propping installers in the UK, was proud to be involved in the conversion of the 19th century chapel. It was a challenging project due to the fact the building had listed status. The condition needed to be carefully considered too in order to maximise safety. The church closed in 2006 and became a target for vandals. Decay also set in due to the neglect.

The conversion cost a total of £5.5 million. This turned the chapel into 118 studio apartments, each of which has a fitted kitchen and en-suite bathroom.

Our involvement in the project included providing an internal lateral support system to stabilise the front and back elevations and party walls. We used Slimshor because it is perfect for internal settings and capable of providing the required stability. Our team took care of the design of the temporary works and installed them to the highest standards.

The project has been a great success. St Cyprian’s is now one of the most attractive properties in an area of Liverpool that has seen a huge amount of regeneration. Students love living in the apartments.

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