Structural support is what we do best, being one of the top performing companies in the UK. As experienced temporary propping installers, we see to it that your structure remains secure while work is conducted on it. Capable of meeting a large assortment of requirements, and always staying faithful to the rules and regulations regarding health & safety, we deliver outstanding services.

Temporary support is one of the trickiest subjects within our line of work. The reason why is that during a structure’s construction or alteration, the efforts involved in using them can be viewed as some of the most hazardous procedures.

In certain domestic projects, it is often the case that builders aren’t aware of the proper practices for supporting walls and other aspects of the structure. Either this or they’re simply too inexperienced. It’s disappointing to witness a house’s back wall knocked out in order to be given a lintel, with no masonry propping being present but an abundance of Acrow utensils lying underneath the first floor. Since the wall makes up most of the load, this isn’t acceptable.

The argument that tends to be put forward here is that the wall shall end up arching over the opening somehow. In instances with smaller openings, this does occur. However, given the fact that contemporary projects require bigger opening widths, the arching capability is abolished due to the absence of restraining walls on both sides, as well as the influence of the above storey’s window openings.

If the props are just located underneath the first floor, you can only support the wall by having it rest on the floor joist’s edges. In practice, the majority of joists come with a gap above because of shrinkage once the timber dries out. Therefore, either the load will be conveyed to the skirting board, or the floor shall become jacked up.

At Denon Construction, in addition to general temporary propping, our services also include bridge support and facade retentions. Having been in business since 2001, we have continued to modify and enhance our work to a point where we are now considered the top pick for many customers.

If you would like the assistance of highly experienced temporary propping installers, please get in touch.