Middlesbrough Town Hall is a Grade II listed building with an incredible history. It was one of the last Gothic style structures of its size and type built in England, finished in 1889 for inauguration on January 23rd. Since then it has been central to the town and news it was to receive a £7.7 million refurbishment in 2015 was warmly received. The Denon Construction team, one of the leading Megashor temporary installers in the UK, was proud to be asked to take on part of the work.

The aim of the project is to refurbish the previous splendour of the town hall and turn it into a significant cultural venue. As part of this the old courtroom will be restored to create a new space. The court was in use until 1973. An old police station complete with cells and a fire station, the very first one in the town, will both be opened to the public once work is complete.

The town hall is also home to a large open space where stables were originally based. The horses used to pull the fire cart were kept and cared for on site. The space will be refurbished so it can be used for events such as weddings.

The refurbishment work will embrace the heritage of the building and give local people and visitors the chance to engage with it. Many of the original features will be revealed for the first time. Others will be carefully restored. Scaffolding is currently erected on the exterior of the building so that the decorative gargoyles and arched pillars can be painted.

The well-preserved Victorian main concert hall in the Town Hall is also being refurbished. The venue has a huge history having seen renowned acts from all around the world take to the stage. The work will preserve and celebrate the heritage.

The project began in April 2016 and is on schedule to finish in the spring of 2018. The Denon Construction team is proud to have contributed our expertise to the project and look forward to seeing the finished results.

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