As one of the country’s leading businesses excelling in temporary works, we go above and beyond to ensure that our clients are satisfied with the overall results. On every single project we see to it that high standards are maintained throughout, maximising safety. If you need assistance with basement propping in particular, we are the people you’ll want to speak to first.

A sturdy basement construction is a necessity if you intend to deliver the relevant stability. Get it wrong and the building above may not remain standing. Before any actual work begins however, you must properly plan things out, because even the smallest mistake can cause a huge loss.

Basement propping is an approach that is designed to give the structure above the support it needs to prevent things from shaking, crumbling, or collapsing completely. Said support is provided via dedicated propping systems beneath the construct. These remain in place until permanent structural elements such as walls and columns are installed. To maximise stability the props need to be designed correctly, must be placed in the right locations, and need to withstand the load placed on them.

The use of basements has increased dramatically in parts of the UK, with many of them now functioning as saunas, bars, and dance floors. Should your basement be insufficiently propped, just imagine the damage it could do to everyone and the investments that were made.

Due to the fact that construction techniques have become so creative, it is near impossible for orthodox propping procedures to support them. Fortunately, more innovative solutions have been introduced that resonate better with today’s strategies.

At Denon Construction, we are able to cater for both heavy and light industrial specifications. As well as offering you an excellent service, something else we aim to do whilst on the job is adhere to all the relevant health & safety laws. This way, everyone will be both happy and safe in the end.

Contact us now if you’re interested in doing business with the team or would simply like to discuss ideas for your project. We will be pleased to advise you regarding basement propping.