All kinds of properties can be regenerated in one way or another. From those in the commercial sector to homes and even community buildings, each one can be developed following a change of use or requirements. The work can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, including structural alterations, conversions, and even excavations.

In any kind of regeneration project it is absolutely vital that the level of structural support is correct to retain the existing structure. If no or incorrect supports are used the project can be incredibly dangerous and people on and around the site will be put at risk.

Excavations are amongst the most hazardous types of regeneration project because they can potentially disturb the foundations of the existing building. Without care and the right support the structure could easily collapse. As a result it should be designed with care and put in place as far in advance as possible.

At Denon Construction we have a lot of experience regarding structural support within regeneration. This includes working on a myriad of projects that include excavation work. We have the skills and the equipment to ensure the structure is retained all throughout the project and will only remove the temporary works when the construction is finished and permanent walls and columns are in place.

To achieve maximum stability for properties we use several different types of propping system including slim shore and super-slim. We will select the right one for each project and can utilise several different ones whenever necessary.

When planning what type of temporary propping is needed prior to excavation work we will survey the structure extensively, noting the risks as we go. The temporary props need to be placed in the right places, ensuring they can support all of the load placed on them. We work hard to ensure we meet and exceed the required standards to maximise the stability.

If you are planning a project that involves excavation, whether it is in the domestic or commercial sectors, you can call on us for help.