Renovation is necessary for a wide array of structures, from buildings to bridges. The work helps to keep each structure healthy, stable, and fit for purpose so they can continue to be used. During the repairs various types of structural propping are needed to maximise stability and prevent a collapse from occurring.

The UK is home to thousands of bridges of different sizes and spans. Each is unique but stability is absolutely crucial regardless. If the span is not stable it is unsafe to use, whether it is for pedestrians, motor vehicles or trains.

One span that has experienced numerous stability issues is the Forth Road Bridge in Scotland, connecting Edinburgh and Fife. The suspension bridge is a major transport link but deterioration caused it to be closed to all road traffic for almost three weeks in December 2015. It opened again to all traffic except HGVs on the 23rd, only reopening for these larger vehicles on 20th February 2016.

During earlier phases of the repair work temporary brackets were used to reinforce the structure at the main towers. With these in place work beneath the carriageway can take place, including replacing the links for new, stronger ones. When the installation of new permanent steelwork is complete the load will be switched from the brackets. Following this they will be relocated and modified so they can be used for additional repair work in the future.

The brackets that are being used are vital for retaining the structure and were chosen carefully to ensure they could bear the load whilst renovation is taking place. They are a great example of how important it is to have the right propping in place to prevent huge hazards.

At Denon Construction we have experience with bridge support and jacking, offering services all over the UK. We know how important it is to retain these vital pieces of infrastructure and ensure they are stable throughout repair and renovation work. We have the knowledge and experience to ensure this occurs.

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