When a building has recently closed or hasn’t seen its fair share of use in some time, it may become the focus of regeneration or redevelopment plans. Alteration work is generally needed when this occurs and the people who plan to take over the building will require the assistance of competent construction specialists to help them. We ourselves are quite the authority and our talented team can deliver essential structural support to maximise safety and stability.

Early on in February of this year, M&S confirmed that they had an interest in opening up a new shop in Liverpool City Centre, but a deal had not yet been finalised. M&S, who already possessed a store on Church Street, were thinking about moving into a building which was once the site of the Exchange Pub on Old Hall Street.

The interest that M&S had in the old pub site had long been the subject of rumours. They were thought to be eyeing up a food establishment for the site, just opposite Moorfields rail station’s Old Hall Street entrance. Said rumours were further fuelled after the owner of the building submitted plans for the conversion of the Exchange into a retail outlet the previous month.

Documents, which were available for the public to view, revealed proposals to perform external alterations. These included replacement shop front, signage, rear escape door, entrance doors and others. Designs for the shop clearly stated that the footprint of the Exchange was to become a retail location if the plans were approved. The documents did not state outright who the occupants would be, but M&S did state that they were interested in the pub.

At Denon Construction our years in the construction industry has taught us much and we have applied what we’ve learnt to our projects in order to complete them effectively. Having worked on various schools, bridges and retail stores, no structure presents a challenge too tough for our team. We are particularly experienced at providing temporary works when structural alterations are being conducted within city centres.

If you would like advice from our highly experienced team please contact us. We understand structural stability and strive to ensure safety is maximised at all times to dramatically cut the risk of hazards.