At Denon Construction we offer a variety of services to suit all manner of light and heavy industrial projects. Our commitment to customer satisfaction and the quality of our work has made us a highly respected company in the regeneration and demolition industries.

An important part of regeneration, if not the most important part, is to make sure the structure that you are working on is fully supported. Structural support can come in a variety of forms including beams and columns. The right ones need to be put in place so that the structure is stable throughout the time it is being worked on.

Beams are a major part of most construction jobs because they provide stability for floors and ceilings. There are a plethora of forms available, including those made from different materials. Steel I-beams are regularly used in structures, including large scale ones such as skyscrapers and stadiums. They are favoured because they are strong, durable and cost effective.

The most basic and ancient form of beams are made from timber. They are still used to this day in traditional log cabins and timber frame structures. Timbers are also strong and retain their popularity because they are a green building material.

Cantilever beams are used in bay windows, bridges and balconies. Their function is to redistribute the weight from the structure they are holding up to the main structural beams to which they are connected.

While beams are used for support purposes, a construction column may be used to support the beams themselves. The column is a structural element that uses compression to transmit the weight of the structure above to other structural elements below.

Support columns can be used in all manner of properties and are ideal for high rise buildings to hold up the main structure. They are also used to support structures such as balconies. Columns can be constructed of steel, wood, concrete or manmade materials such as composites. In addition to structural purposes, columns can also be used for decorative purposes.

We have a deep understanding of the importance of beams and columns to retaining a structure. We use this knowledge when offering propping and retention services, ensuring that all structures are suitably supported. We use a variety of methods when working on a project and with our years of experience, we are capable of delivering services to the highest standard. If you are worried about structural support during a regeneration project we can help.