The incorrect use or placement of structural props during the construction and renovation of a house can cause the structure to become unstable at some point in the future. This can result in big hazards for the inhabitants as well as potentially high bills for repairs. With safety and long term stability in mind it is important to ensure that propping is used correctly at all times.

When looking for a firm to do renovations on your house, you want to pick a company that will use all of their structural props in the correct way. In fact, supports and props should always be placed first in order to ensure stability. A lack of proper preparation and planning, can lead to disastrous results such as the house losing its structural integrity and collapsing as a result.

Very recently, a house in Penarth, South West Wales worth over £800,000 collapsed due to the building work that had taken place. The front of the house was strong, however, the insides had fallen in. Groundwork has been stated as the issue due to an inadequate service by the contractors that were hired. Some of the neighbours had described the work that had taken place as “disastrous”. When having groundworks done on a site you want to make sure that the company can do an excellent job and use their props to ensure stability of the existing structure.

A professional construction company would have provided a more adequate service by placing as many safeguards as possible to ensure maximum stability. At Denon Construction we have a wealth of expertise in structural propping, especially within the renovation sector. This knowledge ensures that we place the right support structures in place on projects to ensure the site is as safe as possible.

We have been trusted to work on important structures such as schools and supermarkets over the years. With each project we work hard to ensure stability does not become an issue, ensuring risk assessments have been conducted and the right temporary works are put in place to ensure stability.