When any work is done to adapt a building it is important to maintain the stability, whether the project is removing walls or columns, creating new openings, or detaching floors from the facade. This is crucial because the change in the load and support increases the risk of an uncontrolled collapse occurring. Temporary works need to be placed to bear the load whilst the structure is altered and to retain walls, floors and other parts of the structure.

If the building you are working on is already unstable, whether because it is dilapidated or as a result of previous work, it is essential the temporary works are in place as early as possible. The last thing you want to do is put the stability at further risk by making changes before you ensure it is supported.

The supports put in place need to be appropriate for the project, ensuring they can bear the specific load that is put on them. This is crucial because if the loading is incorrect the support itself can fail and allow a collapse to occur.

At Denon Construction we have provided temporary supports for a wide array of projects across the UK. We can offer a bespoke solution to all kinds of stability problems, including for unstable buildings in a variety of conditions. In each case we will do our utmost to maximise stability, including using carefully selected supports and ensuring the layout is designed properly.

One area we have a lot of experience with is providing supports for buildings that have previously been altered. We can take a close look at the work that has been done and offer recommendations on what needs to be done to support the building. We always work very carefully and will keep the best interests of our client in mind when we offer guidance.

You can view a portfolio of our work on our website if you want to get an idea of how extensive our experience and skills are. If you have questions you can contact us for information.