Structural refurbishments are inherently trickier and more hazardous than new builds. This is because there is an existing structure in place that could become unsafe and unstable if it is adapted incorrectly. As a result more information is needed before work can begin and progress must only be made with great care.

The first stage with a refurbishment should be to observe and evaluate a property. This in itself can be tricky, especially if there are any access issues. On top of this there are limitations in terms of what people can see, even armed with the latest technology. A wall may not look load bearing but shifts in materials over time and structural alterations could have made it so. As a result there can be many surprises lurking.

Another big problem is that it is very difficult to standardise the industry because each individual project is unique in terms of size, scale and setting. This means that every job is effectively ad-hoc and has its own requirements to meet. As a result there can be no blanket standardisation.

Regardless of the project there is one constant that developers and builders must be aware of; the importance of temporary works during structural refurbishment. Supports, propping, needling, and other systems all need to be used to keep a building stable so it can be worked on. They must be placed correctly and be able to handle the load placed on them until permanent measures can be put in place.

At Denon Construction we understand all of the above and approach each project individually as is required. We are committed to providing the right solution for every requirement, ensuring the structural supports we deliver are up to standard. We are highly experienced and have a great deal of knowledge to call on to ensure we do the right job.

Whether the property is being partially developed as part of the structural refurbishments or only slightly altered we can ensure the right propping and supports are in place. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us. We offer a nationwide service and achieve the highest standards on every project.