As one of the country’s market leaders when it comes to temporary works and structural support, our experience in the industry is vast. Specialising in projects like regeneration efforts, we are aware of the most appropriate supports to use for any given situation. With systems that can cater for both heavy and light industrial specifications, we are just the right people to help with your project.

According to plans released during June, an £11 million regeneration scheme taking place on the Brighton seafront could result in up to 40 new jobs. The Victorian Shelter Hall’s reconstruction shall bring with it retail space, which is more than double that of the gym it will replace, a café and a restaurant.

The Shelter Hall that stands right now dates all the way back to the 1880s and was home to the Rip Tide gym. This was until an engineering survey conducted in 2012 found the building to be structurally unstable. It was closed immediately following the completion of the inspection. The current cost to the council of supplying adequate levels of short-term structural support for the past four years was described as being significant.

The project to regenerate the building is very challenging because of the setting. It sits close to the city centre and right on the busy seafront, putting it in a very precarious position. The work will need to minimise disruption whilst also accounting for the safety of the general public.

To achieve the above the correct supports need to be used. Those already in place may be ample for retaining the current structure but they may not be appropriate to allow it to be worked on, especially if the loading on any is going to be affected.

At Denon Construction we have a lot of experience with projects that involve structural alterations in city centres. As a result we know the challenges that people face and the importance of using the right supports. We can offer assistance to any client that requests it.