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A cottage that possesses a thatched roof located close to Widnes was damaged by a fire last year but could very well be rebuilt according to plans in development. A blaze last October caused devastation to a row of cottages in Hale Village but Halton Borough Council has received a planning application to rebuild the listed structure. The plan proposes to repair the walls and roof, structural repairs, external landscaping, and re-thatching work.

Work that was outlined in the document after being deemed necessary following an assessment includes taking down the current masonry walls and rebuilding them. A new first floor is also being planned and the timberwork that remains has been earmarked for replacement.

The statement also suggests that the new thatched roof will match the adjacent cottage, with a comprehensive refurbishment also needing to take place to make certain that the build is habitable.

In addition, other refurbishment work included in the statement consists of repairing the electric, heating and plumbing systems, the windows, and doors. The scheme aims to heal the destruction to make sure that the heritage asset is restored and protected in the future.

The project presents challenges in terms of refurbishment due to the impact of the fire on the building materials. Exposure to such high temperatures can weaken them substantially, creating instability. As a result temporary works needs to be used to maintain stability and safety.

At Denon Construction we ensure we satisfy the competencies of temporary works as set out by HSE on every single project. With our help structures can be retained so they can be refurbished safely and effectively, even if they have been damaged by fire.

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