Temporary works are the forte of our company, something we have proven time and again with our first class work. The services we offer to the construction and demolition industries are vast, and suitable for a wide range of applications. Included in these is supporting clients and assisting them with structural propping within renovation work. Performing to outstanding standards, both in terms of customer satisfaction and health and safety, there’s nobody better for the job than us.

During 2011 there was a rush to complete temporary works for a severely fire damaged M1 viaduct. The blaze had caused significant structural damage and it was feared a collapse was imminent. This would have caused huge disruption to one of the major roads in the UK.

Engineers fitted 200t of steel super props to the affected elevated area near London after working tirelessly to have supports placed below the deck of the concrete bridge. The emergency propping work was deemed a success and the fact that the bridge hadn’t fallen apart due to the fire was seen as a miracle.

Afterwards, assessments that looked into the full extent of the damage of the main post-tensioned structural beams were carried out. Because of the intensity of the blaze, steel reinforcing rods had been left exposed. Both lane one and the hard shoulder were reported as too hazardous to open, as extensive remedial works were needed first.

A former fire fighter who held the position as the roads minister stated at the time that the intense level of heat had resulted in serious deterioration of the concrete structure. In fact, fires had been so fierce that some of the concrete had exploded. Due to the steel expanding, even more of the concrete dropped away.

At Denon Construction we have quite a lot of experience when it comes to both working on bridges and using structural propping within renovation. Although we were not involved we understand the challenges of the work above and can appreciate the great care that must have gone into the work. We work hard to do the same with every job we work on.

Using the Girder 500, we can supply support to either arched or straight bridge support applications. This is an ideal solution for those situations where access is restricted. If you would like us to answer any questions, feel free to get in touch.