Megashor has a reputation as one of the most versatile ultra high-duty propping solutions. Its modular nature means it can be customised to reflect a wide array of different structural requirements. It also ensures it is suitable for use in a selection of enclosed spaces where it would be very tricky to erect other systems. At Denon Construction we have the honour of being one of the very best Megashor temporary installers. That means we are the go to company if you want to make use of the system.

One of the very best things about the propping solution is there are eight different strut sizes. The smallest is 15mm whereas the largest is an incredible 5400mm. This selection of struts means it is possible to select the right one to deliver the lateral loading that is required.

In addition to the choice of struts there are also nine different lengths of soldiers to provide restraint. These range from 10mm to 3600mm. Again this means it is easier to select components that will be able to handle the specific load placed on them.

With Megashor you can design props, towers, or trusses to suit a myriad of specifications. Assembling these structural elements should be relatively straightforward and it can be done onsite in minimal time. Importantly no specialist equipment is required so the cost remains low and there are fewer opportunities for disruptions.

The strength and durability of Megashor makes it perfect for use in stabilising various structures. Incredibly it is great for use during excavations, offering the flexibility for tunnel formwork and different types of bracing. Axial loads of up to an incredible 1000kN can be supported.

To increase the versatility even more there are a wide array of different accessories that can be used with the propping system. This includes jacks, braces, and even hydraulic units. As a result it is even easier to get a solution to suit your needs.

Denon Construction has a wealth of experience and is confident we can offer a solution to suit even the most challenging projects. If you would like to learn more about our accomplishments as Megashor temporary installers please browse our website or contact us.