We are an establishment that specialises in temporary propping systems to retain structural integrity. Throughout the years, we have become known as expert Slimshor temporary installers, using our knowledge and talents to offer support to structures that are unstable or undergoing maintenance. Committed to providing quality results and adhering to the appropriate health & safety laws, you can count on us to perform a first class job.

If you are someone that isn’t familiar with Slimshor, it is basically a heavy-duty support system used in raking, horizontal, and vertical applications. It is acceptable for supplying reinforcement to vertical precast concrete wall components, as well as colossal traditional wall framework. This is largely due to its strength in addition to how rapidly it can be erected.

Slimshor is also one of the safest propping tools available. The secure support that comes with it guarantees that the construct is sustained safely. The primary elements of the prop, the Super Slim Soldiers, are manufactured utilising high yield steel so that maximum load magnitudes can be achieved. Repeatedly, this system has proven its mettle on construction sites across the globe.

Best of all, the propping system is none too difficult to work with. The separate modules can be hooked up to the Soldiers simply and directly. The presence of conventional jacks at the Soldier’s edge, not to mention satisfactory end connections, transforms the Super Slims into functional push-pull posts. With these components at your disposal, you can both situate and stabilise precast concrete wall units, existing walls, and gigantic wall forms.

At Denon Construction, we are completely aware of the advantages on offer. That is why we remain Slimshor temporary installers; there is no system that is as versatile. Due to this we have used it in a wide assortment of commercial and civil engineering applications, in addition to countless domestic jobs.

If you require such propping for your own purposes, be sure to get in touch with us.