One of the most important things to remember when it comes to construction is that temporary works need to be designed and used with the same care and attention as permanent ones. Any corners that are cut could result in instability or even a collapse. As a result the systems should always be designed by experienced temporary propping contractors or structural engineers.

Anticipating risks is absolutely vital in regards to temporary works. After-all the systems are in place to overcome many of these and prevent people on the site from getting hurt. As a result a full risk assessment must be done in advance, taking into consideration the condition of the structure and the alterations that are being done. This information will be used to design the propping.

It is important to think ahead when designing the temporary works. As well as the risks currently on the site, the designer must think about what will happen when the props are removed in the future. This action must not result in instability or damage to the structure. If it will, the props cannot be removed until suitable permanent works are in place to ensure safety and stability.

Another vital thing to remember is that temporary works systems need to be designed so that a localised failure will not put the entire system at risk of collapse. They should be designed so that an issue is contained to a very small area, ensuring the rest of the structure remains stable and supported. This takes skill and requires a certain level of competency.

At Denon Construction we have earned our place as one of the most experienced and competent temporary propping contractors in the UK. We have been involved in a very diverse selection of projects over the years, from protecting listed buildings to regenerating old commercial premises. Our team are accomplished and always achieve the best possible standards.

When we take on a project we focus on overcoming all of the unique risks. We can do everything from the initial assessments all the way to technical drawings, installation, and professional removal. If you need help in this area we urge you to contact us.