Denon Construction is able to take on large scale projects where propping needs to be able hold many tonnes of weight and keep the structure stable. We posses a wealth of experience to call on but most importantly have access to highly regarded equipment. In particular we have earned a reputation as one of the very best Megashor temporary installers in the whole of the UK.

Over the years Megashor has been used for all manner of heavy duty requirements. For example it is useful for bridge propping, even possessing the strength to retain bridges that will remain in operation whilst being worked on. It is equally good for retaining properties with several storeys or delicate facades.

Megashor legs can offer a load capacity up to 100 tonnes. This means they are able to handle very large loads effectively and prevent collapse. In addition the system allows flexibility in the design and layout of the temporary works. This means additional props can be used where necessary.

Another major factor in favour of the system for heavy duty use is the potential for a quick turnaround. Our team are very highly experienced at designing structural propping. We will conduct a risk assessment as part of the design phase, ensuring we maximise health and safety and get the loading correct. When we sign off on the design we can handle the installation, ensuring it is completed efficiently. Megashor is great for this because it is modular and easier to install.

Whatever your schedule we are confident we will help you to stick to it. We can provide ongoing services too, catering for projects such as bridge jacking where the work is broken up into phases.

You can get an idea of some of the projects we have been involved in over the years by looking at our portfolio. We are also happy to offer advice and recommendations.

If you ever need help from highly trained Megashor temporary installers we are the team for you. We work all over the UK from our base in the North East and will always provide the most professional solutions we can. Contact us to learn more and arrange a consultation.