London Bridge is one of the most important pieces of transport infrastructure in the capital. Without it travelling from Southwark to the City of London and the north would be a much longer trip. Over the years the structures have all been built to speed up this passage.

Bridges have existed in the area for thousands of years, beginning with timber structures created by the Romans and Saxons. The first stone bridge was finished in 1209, 33 years after construction began. To recoup money for the project building plots on the bridge were sold and it became home to over 130 shops.

The original stone bridge was in place for over 600 years but gradually deteriorated. It was replaced by a new five arched one based 30 metres up the river. This opened in 1831; just 7 years after construction began.

The current bridge is the most modern, made from concrete box girders. It was built between 1967 and 1972, opening in March 1973. Based in the same location as the previous one, this bridge has become a famous filming location.

Over the years London Bridge has endured a lot of wear. This was most notable when the battleship HMS Jupiter collided with it in 1984, causing extensive damage to both. Repairs have been done over the years to stabilise the structure and repair any damaged parts.

Denon Construction was proudly asked to participate in one of these projects. As one of the leading Slimshor temporary installers in the UK we had the skills to provide stabilisation and access solutions.

As part of this we provided an access platform to enable a piling rig to reach the works location and a cantilevered work platform over the river to allow demolition and piling operatives to gain access. In addition we provided back propping for the Thames pathway, including in the tidal chambers, to support the transit of the piling rig.

We are very pleased to have been involved in the works to retain this vital bridge. If you have any questions for our experienced Slimshor temporary installers please get in touch. Our team is always happy to share our expertise.