York Theatre Royal has the honour of being the joint oldest producing house in Britain. It opened in 1744 and sits on the site of the former St. Leonard’s medieval hospital. Parts of this original structure still exist in the theatre, most notably the arches. Incredibly there is even a well beneath the stage too.

Due to the age of the structure archaeologists believed that they would find all kinds of preserved treasures beneath the structure. The theatre was closed to allow this exploration. The findings are incredible, including jewellery, coins, cigarette packets, food remains, and broken pottery. Most importantly though they discovered an original floor from St. Leonard’s that has survived for over 800 years.

Following the exploration a £6 million renovation of the theatre was launched. This project included the installation of a new roof, new seating (including raked stalls), a levelled stage, redecoration, and a concrete glass extension with new facilities such as a restaurant, toilets, a lift, and improved lighting.

Denon Construction was called in to stabilise the grade II listed theatre while the renovations were being done. It was a huge project and one that needed to be carried out with the most care due to the age and significance of the structure. Our involvement in the works included installing a Mass 50 support system to retain the building.

Our position as one of the most decorated temporary propping contractors sees us work on many important projects like York Theatre Royal. We have the skills and experience to plan projects carefully, ensuring the propping can be installed so that it retains the structure without damaging it. This provides the best combination of safety and support.

We can use a wide array of different temporary works including Slimshor, Megashor, and the Mass 50. A lot of the equipment is our own but we also deal with systems provided by dedicated suppliers. This ensures we are one of the most reliable temporary propping installers.

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