Over the years the Denon Construction team have been called on to stabilise an array of different structures. Whether it is multi-storey commercial buildings, bridges, or family homes, we can provide the perfect solutions. In fact, we have become regarded as one of the best Slimshor temporary installers the UK has to offer.

As we have no doubt mentioned in the past, the major benefit with Slimshor is how dynamic it is. The system can be used to create various types of props, including vertical and horizontal ones. It is also useful for creating raking shores. We would like to discuss these in more depth.

What are raking shores?

They are basically props used to support an unstable wall. The aim is to reinforce the surface so that an uncontrolled collapse doesn’t occur. Rakers are generally placed at regular intervals along the surface. They tend to have an incline between 40 and 75 degrees. Each of them is braced to provide the necessary stability. The braces also help to spread the load.

Generally raking shores are attached to a surface using hooks, a wall plate, and needles. Each needle will penetrate into the wall itself to provide even more stability. The rakers rest against the needles.

Why is Slimshor good for this kind of shoring?

Structures and sites are always unique. As a result the shoring systems need to be bespoke to reflect the requirements. This could incur big costs and require a lot of time. It may also result in big waste if the system cannot be used anywhere else. Fortunately, Slimshor is modular and can be adapted to suit different needs. This saves costs, installation time, and means the system can be used on multiple jobs.

If you need to stabilise a wall Denon Construction can design and install rake shoring for you. We are decorated Slimshor temporary installers, enjoying a solid reputation due to our professional services. To find out more please contact us.