During any construction project, stability and safety are essential. This is especially true if remedial works are taking place. With the training, experience, and equipment possessed by our people however, we are capable of meeting even the highest of standards. As some of the most skilled Megashor temporary installers around, you should consider employing our services if you require assistance.

Created with high axial loads in mind, Megashor has become one of the most favourably regarded propping systems. Versatility is this product’s main strength though. The applications it can be used for include bracing for trusses and excavations, and travellers for tunnel formwork.

Another noteworthy feature of the system is how quick it is to work with. Produced utilising close-tolerance jigs, an accurate and consistent installation can be accomplished. Additionally, because of the brilliant assembly alignment that occurs on site, labour costs, onsite adaptations, and time can all be saved. Thanks to Megashor’s extreme strength, assembly times are lower. The number of components needed is also reduced.

Megashor has been praised for being safe to work with as well. It is able to withstand the rigours of facade retention and bridge bearing replacement applications. It has also been approved for the support of those bridges open to existing traffic. Any bearing replacement operations can be performed without causing too much upset to the traffic.

The system is none too difficult to use either. It is possible to assemble several distinct strut sizes into trusses, towers, and props of just about any length. All of this can be accomplished using readily available components.

At Denon Construction, our previous efforts with the likes of RMD Kwikform have seen us use Megashor for a variety of projects. This means that we can meet just about any customer requirement, regardless of how challenging they are.

Anyone who is interested in hiring us as their Megashor temporary installers can contact our company through email or by phone. We will provide the best level of support and exceed your expectations.