Maintaining structural integrity is important when making wholesale alterations to a property. This is even more crucial when dealing with residential properties because a collapse could put all neighbouring homes and members of the public at risk.

At Denon Construction we have been involved in a number of domestic regeneration projects. We can provide a solution to suit various needs, offering facade retention, basement propping, and structural support. Our team are very highly trained, possessing a superior knowledge of the systems we use and what it takes to design temporary works properly.

Our place as one of the most decorated temporary propping installers has been earned by providing a consistently high standard of service. The fact we can work in the most challenging settings and still maximise safety is also a huge advantage.

One of the most challenging projects we took on was a home in Kensington for Cubit & Theobolt. They planned to enlarge the basement and alter the rear facade of the property. We were called in to provide a full propping and needling solution. We utilised the Slimshor system on the project because it is strong and dynamic.

A crucial thing to note whenever basements are expanded is the potential impact on openings such as windows. The loss of support underneath can cause the load to shift, potentially triggering a collapse. Our team understood this and used props and needling to retain these openings and keep the load stable.

In addition to supporting the openings we provided back propping for the rear elevation of the property. This delivered additional support for the structure while the basement and rear facade work was ongoing.

We were pleased to provide our professional assistance for the project and ensure that the risk of an uncontrolled collapse occurring was mitigated. The propping and needling was designed by our trained structural engineers and installed with precision.

If you would like assistance from one of the most experienced temporary propping contractors in the UK please get in touch with us. We can offer recommendations for your project.