Perhaps the biggest challenge when it comes to structural alterations in city centre is the lack of space around the property. In the majority of urban areas space is at a premium and buildings are built close together. This occurs because land prices are so high and as a result of the high demand. Unfortunately it means the space is restricted when it comes time to work on a structure.

The lack of space can cause all kinds of problems with structure alterations, including restricting the types of equipment that can be used and even the times when the building can be worked on. Additionally safety becomes a much larger concern because the risk of people in neighbouring properties or in public getting injured is higher.

Naturally the requirements for stability during structural alterations are much higher in city centres as a result of the increased risks. Temporary works need to be used effectively, ensuring they can bear the load safely for the duration of the project. They also need to be placed properly, ensuring minimal disruption to neighbours and members of the public.

At Denon Construction we have experience of working in the largest cities in the UK. We can provide a solution for each project, delivering the right temporary support to retain a structure. We work on all kinds of buildings as well as bridges and other pieces of infrastructure. In each project we will ensure stability is maximised.

One area we have a lot of experience with is facade retention. In busy city centres there is always pressure for uninhabited buildings to be regenerated so they can be put to new use. Some of these projects can be delayed or derailed because the facade of the building is protected and needs to be preserved. We can offer temporary works to do just that, allowing the rest of the structure to be altered whilst the frontage is retained.

When providing facade retention we always take care to minimise disruption, ensuring the props are placed as conveniently as possible. If they need to be placed on a public footpath or highway we will arrange them carefully and do our best to ensure the infrastructure can still be used if it is possible.

We are very proud to take on all kinds of projects in city centres, facilitating all kinds of structural alterations and regenerations. If you have any questions or would like our support please contact us.