Structural movement strikes all kinds of properties periodically. It is caused by all kinds of issues including seismic activity, materials settling or wearing, and even changes in the groundwater. In many cases the movement is so minute that it doesn’t cause any issues. On the other hand though it can be dramatic and lead to cracks and even instability.

If a structure does become unstable the first thing that needs to be done is conduct a full scale assessment to determine the extent of the instability. This should be completed by a trained, knowledgeable professional who knows exactly what they are looking for. The information uncovered in the assessment determines whether the property can be saved or if demolition is the only option. It will also be utilised to decide how to go about either of these courses of action.

When retention is possible the first step is to stabilise the building so that remedial work can be done. Temporary works are needed to achieve this. They take many forms, including props and needling. The right systems need to be put in place around the structure to maximise safety and allow work to take place.

At Denon Construction we have a huge amount of experience with unstable buildings. Our knowledge of temporary works is unsurpassed and we can offer a bespoke service to suit each client. We utilise tried and tested systems, including props and needling. We can place these wherever they are necessary in and outside of the structure, ensuring the stability is correct.

No project is too large for us; we have the personnel and temporary works to cater for all kinds of requirements. We will design the right system to bring stability to the property for as long as is necessary for work to be done to stabilise the structure properly. Once this is done we will remove the props and needling with care and leave you to progress with your project.

We are proud to offer our services all across the UK, catering for clients with every type of unstable buildings you can imagine. We work in the domestic, commercial, industrial and public sectors, delivering the same high quality solutions for each setting.