Temporary works need to be put in place before work begins on a site and must remain there until the project is concluded and stability is returned to the building. The system needs to be designed after considering all of the risks that are present on the site, taking into account the different jobs that need to be done. On top of this throughout the project the works needs to be managed effectively to ensure they continue to provide the right kind of support and protection.

The above was showcased recently with the release of a HSE warning. They reminded companies in the construction industry how important it is to manage the risks of working at height and maintaining temporary works. This came after an incident on 8th July 2015 when a contractor fell into a lift pit whilst working on a site in Cardiff. The accident occurred because a system of lightweight barriers had been placed around the hole. They were not compatible with the work that needed to be done by different contractors and were therefore removed, leaving a lack of protection.

The incident highlights how important it is to protect people working at height and have the right temporary works in place to both stabilise a structure and increase safety. When the case arrived at Newport Crown Court numerous failings were found, including an inaccurate construction plan and lack of management of temporary works systems. The company behind the project was ultimately fined £143,000 and also had to pay costs.

The HSE reaffirmed that companies should effectively consider risks and understand what is required to overcome them. This includes having temporary works in place where they are necessary for the duration of a project, utilising low order measures when necessary, and managing the risks on site carefully.

At Denon Construction we are proud to offer temporary works for a wide array of projects and always work hard to ensure they meet the relevant competencies. We set the very highest standards for ourselves and do all we can to help our clients keep risks to an absolute minimum. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.