One of the biggest challenges when it comes to regenerating a building is ensuring it is stable whilst construction and demolition work is done on it. To achieve this, the right structural supports need to be used and placed correctly throughout the structure. They must be able to withstand the load placed upon them to ensure uncontrolled collapses do not occur.

The tricky thing about placing supports within a building is there are typically several access issues to consider. Firstly it must be possible to get each support in place. This can create a big issue as alterations should not begin before the support system is installed. What happens if an alteration is needed to accommodate the supports and props in the first place?

At Denon Construction we overcome the above problem by using an array of propping systems. We are familiar with the most flexible options in terms of ease of installation. Super slim shore and several other shoring systems tick these boxes and can be installed in various buildings, including those with accessibility limitations.

The second access problem is that people must still be able to make their way around a building and do their job when the supports are in place. If this is not possible the project becomes unfeasible. Safety requirements must also be met to ensure that people are not put in risky situations.

Again our knowledge serves us really well here. We can design the structural supports to tick all of the right boxes, ensuring we achieve the very best tolerances. With our help you can have complete confidence that the building in question will be properly supported and people will be able to do their jobs when they are on site.

If you ever need help or have any questions about the use of structural propping within regeneration, please call on us. We share knowledge with all of our clients and work very hard to help them understand their obligations. Ultimately we will ensure the right supports are put in place to maximise safety and allow work to take place.