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Back in November, the London Design Museum opened the doors to its brand new £85 million home after renovation on the structure had been completed. Previously housed in Shad Thames within southeast London, the museum moved to a grade II listed modernist complex in South Kensington. The new construct, which was the former home of the Commonwealth Institute, dates all the way back to the 1960s and triples the museum’s initial size to 10,000 square meters.

The new building has been created with the intention to be the world’s leading institution dedicated to contemporary architecture and design. Free to visit, the museum consists of two gallery spaces and a permanent collection display. In addition there is a library, studios, an auditorium, learning facilities, a member’s room, and a restaurant.

In terms of the renovation, it was an effort to bring back the pre-war glory of the 1960s grade II listed modernist structure. Work was conducted in order to restore the facade of the complex as well as its concrete roof, making certain that the exterior reflected the blue skin that it possessed years back. The original concrete floors were taken out too, something that was achievable thanks to propping the roof on a temporary steel structure that was placed 20 meters above ground level.

At Denon Construction we have extensive knowledge regarding structural propping within renovation and the impact it can have on projects. Without props, works like the ones conducted on the museum would be impossible, making them an irreplaceable part of the process. If you are ever in need of supports or propping for your own purposes, we are the ones to call.