Temporary works are important whenever structural refurbishment projects are undertaken. They are what support the existing structure until a more permanent means of reinforcement can be introduced. As specialists when it comes to this topic, we make it our mission to not only conform to the regulations of Health & Safety, but also to satisfy our customers.

A structural collapse can happen for a plethora of reasons. Major fault are the easiest to spot but they are not the only cause. In some cases issues that may seem minor at first glance can result in a chain of events that might ultimately lead to a collapse. Collapses can be classified into three categories and in order to prevent them from happening, we must know of what they are.

Localised collapses refer to those incidents that are restricted to small sections of the building without any harm coming to other locations. A progressive collapse materialises when a key point or points of a structure falters. The isolated aspect of these key areas then causes a sequence of phenomenon, eventually resulting in the complete failure of the building.

A disproportionate collapse comes to pass if, by some mistake or accident, the removal of a single supporting member causes destruction beyond the failure’s locus. What this means is that the structure can be damaged to an extent that is out of proportion to the cause of the issue. In cases like these, load-bearing elements, like roofs, floors and walls for instance, do not possess an adequate degree of strength to resist the stresses that they encounter, leading to a disproportionate collapse.

At Denon Construction we employ the use of several high calibre propping products in order to prevent the collapse of a building while they are being worked on. We can support clients taking on all manner of structural refurbishment projects, including those on fire damages buildings and those where it is very tricky to get an idea of the stability.

Having worked on places like schools, restaurants and bridges, we have built up quite an impressive skill set, which continues to grow with each new project. If we can be of assistance to you, please do get in touch.