Facade retention during structural refurbishment becomes important for a number of reasons. Generally it is necessary because the building is listed or is located in a conservation area. Both of these facts limit what can be done to the property in terms of changing how it looks. Retaining the facade and changing the building behind can be a viable option though as from an outward perspective it looks like nothing has changed.

When retaining facades it is vital the right temporary works are used. You can’t simply leave the surface without support, especially if you are altering the floors within. If you do the risk of an uncontrolled collapse occurring rises substantially. Before any alterations are made the structural support should be in place to make sure the facade will remain stable and not get overloaded.

All facade retention schemes should be provided by a temporary works co-ordinator with the relevant qualifications and experience. Our team at Denon Construction fit the bill and can provide a reliable service for each and every client. Regardless of the difficulty of the project and the challenges of the location we will find the perfect solution.

One thing to keep in mind is where responsibility lies. When we provide structural supports and props we are responsible for their condition and ensuring they are installed correctly. With any proprietary components that are used and not supplied by us the liability is with the contractor. It is important to make this clear.

In addition to the above structural consultants involved in the project have a responsibility to keep the temporary works provider and contactors informed. They must provide information about aspects of the permanent works being done that will have an impact on the props and supports. This helps to maximise safety and prevent overloading.

If you need help with facade retention during structural refurbishment you can contact our team at Denon Construction. We understand our responsibility when we take on projects and apply our considerable knowledge and experience to deliver the best projects.