Established in 2001, our temporary works company has always strived to deliver excellent customer service. To this end, we offer an array of solutions and can take on all kinds of light and heavy industrial projects. One area in particular that we are familiar with however is structural propping within renovation.

In the middle of February it was announced that the Buxton Crescent renovation had moved into the next phase. The internal and external works are part of a scheme to restore the Georgian structure and the adjoining Natural Baths to their original state. For years now, both complexes have stayed empty, with the result being the ruin of multiple features.

What the planned demolition work will consist of is working around a number of structural issues. This includes the likes of an extensive case of wood rot, which has already raised a myriad of technical problems on site. In order to supply them with stability, the Grade I listed Crescent Building, as well as the adjoining Grade II Natural Baths structure, have needed to introduce temporary supports.

External demolition efforts include dismantling the concrete roof and walls of the Natural Baths. To help, a large-scale temporary propping set up had to be implemented. This meant that the adjacent, and occupied, Old Hall Hotel could be preserved during the dismantling work.

The conversion and restoration project, which seeks to bring back the complete use of the Georgian Crescent as a 5-star hotel, a heritage centre and thermal spa, began in 2016. At present, it’s scheduled to finish in 2018.

At Denon Construction we specialise in providing structural propping for various renovation projects. We do like to see our clients satisfied, but something that’s equally as important to us is seeing to it that all health and safety rules are followed whilst we are on the job.

If you find yourself in need of our aid, get in touch with the team. We will work with you to ensure the structure being worked on remains structurally sound and stable throughout your project.