As one of the country’s leading businesses when it comes to temporary works, we are proud to offer services to our clients that can only be described as superb. With our comprehensive solutions, we aim to fulfil a host of heavy and light industrial specifications. Possessing knowledge and expertise on topics like unstable buildings, we are the specialists that you can rely on if you ever have any problems.

In both countryside and urban environments, selecting a site with appropriate soil is paramount towards the building process. No matter what structure you inhabit, it is connected to the soil. Your building foundations must be placed on strong, stable soils. There’s an array of strengths when it comes to soil, with some being able to support skyscrapers, while others fail to even sustain our weight. Should the substance beneath a construct lack stability, so too will the structure itself.

Physical properties are what determine the stability and strength of the soil, and those with decent structures are firmer. Clays for example possess more stability than sandy textures due to their superior composition. A combination of particle and pore sizes however is best suited for engineering.

It’s also crucial that soil remains sturdy throughout the wetting and drying periods. The last thing anyone wants is for the expanding material to crack foundations or roads. Clay substances from the smectite family have a greater chance of shrinking and expanding than other families do, such as kaolinite for instance.

A lack of soil expertise has led to some well-known instances of unstable buildings and structural failures. Arguably the most famous example is the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The land beneath appeared stable initially in the dry season, but during the wet season it became uneven under the building’s weight.

At Denon Construction we provide our clients with original temporary works resolutions to building, civil engineering, and demolition industries throughout the country. In addition to giving our customers an excellent level of service, we are also committed to following all health & safety rules whilst working on a project.

If you would like further information about our business and how we can preserve unstable buildings, feel free to get in touch with us.