As one of the country’s leading companies when it comes to temporary works, we can provide solutions for an array of projects. Structural support within regeneration is one area in particular that we excel at. Whenever a client is in need of help we aim to give them a top-notch service. With a considerable range of support systems available to us, we can cater for various heavy and light industrial requirements.

When it comes to structures, one of if not the most important aspects is that of the supports. The reason why they are so vital is that they specify how forces that exist within the building are transferred to ground level. As such, it’s crucial that you know of the unique support variations from the start. If you don’t, your regeneration project may end up collapsing, quite literally.

Supports such as slim, super slim and soldier are used to retain loading while structures are stabilised or altered. The loads are transferred to the temporary works, meaning they are not pressing down on the construction materials. This prevents collapses from occurring and allows new permanent support to be put in place.

The supports mentioned above along with megashore can be used in facade retention, helping to prevent lateral loading from occurring. This is important if the frontage of a structure needs to be retained whilst regeneration or redevelopment is taking place. The systems hold the facade, accounting for the load of the materials as well as wind loading.

Needling is the process of using temporary works to support lintels, walls, and joists. They are most commonly utilised when new openings are being created, allowing the load to be transferred before more formal supports can be put in place to prevent collapse.

Girder systems can be used for jacking, helping to retain an array of arched or straight structures. These systems are commonly seen to support bridges while they are being worked on.

At Denon Construction, we are aware of what supports work best for a given situation. In addition to making certain that our customers are satisfied, we also see to it that all the necessary rules and regulations are met, ensuring the supports we use are fit for the job.

If you require assistance with your own project, get in touch with our team.