As a leading UK temporary works specialist we are able to fulfil a considerable number of requirements for our clients. We can adapt to the specifics of every single project, ensuring we provide supports and props to suit the accessibility and stability problems with the specific property. We even have the skills to work on structural alterations in city centres, providing solutions that minimise disruptions and maximise safety.

One of the biggest problems with working in city centres is that instability in a property can put neighbouring buildings at risk. There is generally much less space around properties due to the high value of land and demand for homes, workspaces, and public amenities. This can cause challenges when it comes to installing props and support. As a result an experienced specialist is needed to come up with a suitable plan.

Although stabilising a building during structural alterations in city centres is the most essential factor, maximising safety and reducing disruptions for members of the general public is important. Again a specialist should be tasked with the design. They should look to ensure props and supports can be positioned where they can provide stability without requiring roads and paths be closed. In some cases this can’t be avoided but possibilities should be explored until they are exhausted and proved unfeasible.

At Denon Construction our temporary works solutions are both bespoke and cost effective, in addition to being innovative. We can call on several different systems to satisfy the specifics of the project, catering for the space that is available and delivering the support that is needed. We plan every step carefully, taking into account how we will install everything and working to minimising any disruptions and hazards for the public.

Should you find yourself in need of our help, please don’t hesitate to ask for it. You can contact us to talk about the projects we have been involved in and to learn more about our extensive expertise.