With an extensive knowledge on the subject of temporary works, we are able to offer our clients a considerable array of services. We have experience in both light and heavy industry, meaning we can provide solutions for almost any kind of structure. Excelling in areas that include structural refurbishment, we are the company to rely on if you require assistance at any point.

Refurbishment can be called an adaptation or radical reshaping of building envelope elements that are already in place, as well as the renewal of building services. Once the works have been completed, the renewals and remodelling shall materially influence the structure’s performance. The previously mentioned envelopes include the likes of walls, floors and roofs, while the services components consist of the heating, water and drainage systems, ductwork, and ventilation.

In order to achieve major refurbishment status, a project needs to include both the envelopes and building services. In those instances where specific components of the structure’s envelope element or individual services sections are undergoing replacement, or are being upgraded or remodelled, then a project can only be defined as a minor refurbishment.

Refurbishment can come in numerous forms as various points throughout a building’s lifecycle. The age of the structure needs to be taken into account when any work is to be done. It can have a huge impact on the condition of materials and the stability. These need to be accounted for by utilising temporary works.

At Denon Construction, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the best experience possible while they work with us. Apart from looking out for the customer’s needs, we also make certain that all health & safety rules are followed at every stage. We can provide temporary works for both major and minor structural refurbishment projects.

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